California Region Mountain Rescue Association

Rock Recertification exercise, March 3, 2001

Fossil Falls, Inyo Co, CA


Each year each California MRA team recertifies in one of 3 categories; rock skills, winter snow and ice; tracking. This year it's rock skills. 14 MRA teams from all over California landed at Fossil Falls; Ventura team organized the problems - 4 in all, involving medical exam, stretcher work, and tyrolean traverses above the 40 ft. deep canyon. In some places the walls are 80 feet high. Basalt rock is very solid and makes this a wonderful place for over 200 highly skilled and dedicated rescue team members to try problems, learn things, have a critique.


You see immediately why most of us wear orange shirts!!

China Lake Team rigs for Tyrolean; fancy equalizing anchors, mechanical advantage hauling;

this is what ya get when ya have a team of rocket scientists and engineers!

Our fancy system works just great!!

Each group has a problem to work

Different teams have different rigs. (and glowing orange shirts!)

Problem - rig to go across and to do down to pick up victim from canyon bottom


So... what'd you like about what we did? CLMRG gang critique


this is fun.... yeah right....


Just another fine day at the office.....

web page and photos by Janet Westbrook 3/3/01