CLMRG Points of Contact

the area code is 760

NOTE: With most current web browsers, you may click on a person's name in order to automatically send them email.

2017 Officers




President Mike Derkey 760-793-8934
Vice President Luke Swanson 760 793-8099
Secretary Gina Najera-Niesen 760 371-7565
Treasurer Werner Hueber 760 375-2165
MRA Representative Nathan Simons 760 793-3893

2017 Committee Chairs




Public Education Phil Cash 760 793-0328
Training Sean Litton
Equipment Nathan Simons
First Aid Gina Najera-Niessen 760 371-7565
Qualifications chair 760-608-0351
Sheriff's Office Linda Finco 760-375-7951
ASTM Representative Dennis Burge 760-375-7967
Emergency Services Dave Miles 760-495-2908
Summer Class Dave Doerr 760-446-4664
Stores Carol Burge 760-446-7038
Talus Pile Eileen Loughran 702-280-1014
Web Page Janet Westbrook 760 375-8371


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